In the long history of the Retreat House, there are literally thousands of stories that can be told by the people who have been here.

Many are  stories of faith and personal conversion.  Others are funny stories or stories of friendship or stories of a really good experience here at the House.  We want you to tell those stories about the House, so we can share them with others.

  • How was your experience at the Retreat House special for you?
  • What’s something that happened there that positively affected your life and your faith journey?
  • What’s something good you learned at the House about God, and about yourself?
  • What’s one great thing you learned there that you never want to forget?
  • What’s something funny or positive that happened here?
  • Did you meet a really good friend here?

Tell us your story.

It can be written down or it can be a video. Send it in and we’ll share it with the other visitors to our site!  

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