The grounds around the Retreat House provide plenty of opportunity for time outdoors.  To the rear of the House there are basketball courts,  fields for ball playing and a sand volleyball court, plus picnic tables and a fire pit.  There is also a large swimming pool and pool house with bathrooms, changing areas, and a large covered area with tables and chairs

The pool is open for groups of up to 200 guests from May to September!

The pool facility is available for parish picnics, parties, company picnics, family reunions, or any special occasion.  A renovation of the pool was completed in 2007.


Also just inside the fence of the grounds in the rear of of the House is the Papal Cross.  This was the cross that was at Camden Yards when Pope John Paul II offered mass there during his visit to Baltimore in 1995.

In the front of the property, to the left side of the driveway as you look down to York Road, is a tunnel that crosses under the road to property owned by the Archdiocese.  There is a large grass field there and more grounds to walk.  This grass field in also used as auxiliary parking when we have a large event at the House.

Within a few miles of the House is the North Central Railroad (NCR) Trail. which is a great place for walking, running, and biking.  It goes from a few miles south of the house, all the way north to Pennsylvania.   A few miles to the north is Gunpowder State Park.  This is another good place to walk and hike.

Basketball Courts


Picnic Area

Picnic Area

Volleyball Court

Papal Cross