The Retreat House sits on 18 acres of land in a beautiful country setting.

On the main level of the Retreat house there is a lobby, three large meeting rooms (St. Joseph Hall, Cardinal Shehan (or Fireplace) Room, and St. Thomas Lounge), the Chapel, the Dining Room serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and men’s and women’s bathrooms.  There is also a small meditation area across from the chapel  know as the Resurrection Shrine, as well as a meditation garden directly outside the chapel. In the upstairs front of the House there is the Upstairs Meeting Room, four smaller breakout rooms, men’s and women’s bathrooms, and two apartments for adults, each with private bathrooms, and each can each sleep up to two people.  The dormitory in the rear of the House has 19 student and 3 adult rooms on the first floor, and 21 student and 3 adult rooms on the second floor. Students have a shared bathroom on each floor, and each student room has a bunk bed, desk, two chairs, and a sink.  One adult room on each floor has its own bathroom, and the other two adult rooms share a bathroom.  For co-ed groups, boys typically take the first floor and girls take the second floor. There is also another breakout room, St. Anthony Lounge, and the Rock Chapel in the basement of the dorm.

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Ressurection Shrine – across the hall from the Chapel

St. Joseph Hall

St. Thomas Lounge

Cardinal Shehan (Fireplace) Room

Upstairs Meeting Room


Looking from St. Joseph Hall and Cardinal Shehan Room (on right)  to Lobby

Looking from Lobby down to Cardinal Shehan Room (on left) and St. Joseph Hall (straight ahead)

Looking from St. Thomas Lounge down toward dining room and chapel (both on right) and doors to dorms (straight ahead)

Looking from doors to dorms  toward chapel and dining room (on left) and St. Thomas Lounge (straight ahead)

Typical student dorm room